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Marsha Martone


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Marsha Martone
Welcome to The Women's Dream Team™! My name is Marsha Martone. You know, all of us have dreams when we start out in life. All too often others discourage us and we become conditioned to believe that we can't have the things that we want and deserve. 'Don't try for that guy; don't go for that career; you won't succeed at that' are the words we hear.

The truth is you must! You have to go for your dreams or you will never know what you could have accomplished.

What an enchanted life this could be if ALL our dreams came true. It was Walt Disney who said, "If you can Dream it, you can Do it", and all of us at The Women's Dream Team™ feel the same way. As a founder, I want to welcome you to our community of women immersed in creating a future which you always knew deep in your heart was possible. You can be in a position, like I am, to empower others to achieve their dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. This is a magnificent place to be in our lives today.

My journey began several years ago when I DECIDED I was tired of making someone else rich on my efforts; and opened up a Vitamin Company. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated and I began a search for "the perfect business" where I would not have the nightmare of being in business alone. It took me several years, but I must say that in 1993 when I found our Corporate Partner everything changed for me. Now I have the backing of a multi-million dollar company and none of the risk attached to being the CEO of my own business. This Corporation has allowed me to start a business for practicalliy nothing - that makes sense and works, and that is a rare thing these days. It is not so much about the money, but the lifestyle and future it allows all of us here at The Women's Dream Team™. The icing on the cake is working with who I want, when I want, how I want, and making the income others only dream about!

I love being part of this organization! My husband Thomas and I have been able to travel the world because of this business, and I have the flexibility to do the things I enjoy such as nurturing my creativity through oil painting, sailing on our sailboat The Sonrisa' , and running with our Golden Retriever, Cognac.

My favorite words in the English language are: Freedom, Residuals, Teamwork and Time Leverage. These are not just words to us here at The Women's Dream Team™ -- they are a reality. We have designed a system that will enable you to stay home and make the income of your dreams, the income you deserve. Join our team of successful women and allow us to assist you in having a powerful presence on the Internet and in your community. The Women's Dream Team™ will enhance all aspects of your life and assist you in mentoring others.

Creating a beautiful life has many facets to it. We all want the best relationships and strong family ties, continual personal growth, the money we deserve, work we can feel good about, fulfilling spirituality, enduring friendships and, of course, good health. Wellness in all respects is powerful, but so is dreaming! My advice as a leader and long-time dreamer who has seen so many dreams come true is to never let anyone steal your dream. We want to assist you in doing all you have resolved in your heart and there is no better time to start than today. We welcome you with open arms into our supportive environment of The Women's Dream Team™!

Linda Wetherell

I was born to be a teacher. I love teaching and it is a passion that I am very proud of, but it does not pay the bills I have and it does not support the dreams I have for my family. I needed supplemental income and I knew I needed something virtual that I could work around my busy growing family, but I was not sure what exactly that was. I found Women's Dream Team™ and it has been the perfect fit! I now have the best of both worlds. I am able to work, yet be there to raise my children and support them to reach their dreams and attend the college of their choice.

Are you looking to work your home based business around your family life? Do you need a change in your life? Are you tired of being stressed about finances? Do you want to be able to work wherever you get a cell phone signal and the internet? You can work this on the sidelines of a soccer game, basketball court, from the park, or the beach.

You can have the best of both worlds! Women's Dream Team™ will support you in your endeavor. Did you realize that the key to succeeding with a home based business is the support, tools, and mentorship that you are provided with? Working from home without these supports is difficult. We at Women's Dream Team™ have the systems in place to provide for that all and we provide you with a personal mentor to help you build the income and freedom of YOUR Dreams! We encourage you to be different and take the path less followed to reach your goals. If you want to change, then we invite you to request information to see how Women's Dream Team™ can enhance YOUR life today!

Curtis Patterson

Welcome home to Women's Dream Team™. My name is Curtis Patterson and I am a single mother of two children who is absolutely ecstatic to be able to tell you what our organization has done to change my entire life and the lives of my children forever. A college graduate with an advanced degree, I went into Corporate America at a young age to make my way to the top of the corporate ladder in sales. Very quickly, I climbed the ladder to success only to fall after the most recent stock market crash where corporation after corporation came tumbling down. In fact, America is still reeling over the effects of the technology economy where stocks diminished to a few dollars a share. I found myself without a job, spending my executive retirement 25 years too soon, and trying hard not to file bankruptcy at one point in time.

By this time, the world had changed and the jobs had become scarce. I found that stepping back onto the ladder was not as easy as it had been before. Interviews were scarce, positions were specialized, and if you didn't have an insider segue into your market, your chances were slim.

My dreams were stolen away from me. But a lot has changed since those dark days of pure every day survival. It seems like a long time ago that I had to make ends meet with garage sales, odd jobs, temporary positions, and discouraging job interviews while looking for the position that was right for me financially and personally. I longed for a way to be financial successful again and use my mind in a corporate like opportunity without the corporate structure and discrimination. I also longed to be a wonderful mother whose children would thrive from the love and support of being home for them.

My dreams came true with The Women's Dream Team™. My days are now filled with a resounding job and excitement to be able to work from home and be a part of this amazing organization whose business model is the key to success for anyone who is willing to step up to the plate. I found the perfect blend of partnering in a virtual corporate environment with a team of committed women who help empower others every single day!

Ladies, if your dreams have been shattered or your hopes crushed like mine were, it is only temporary. Do not let anyone steal your dreams. Women's Dream Team™ gave my dreams back to me again. They are more alive than ever before and within reach! I will be forever grateful for finding Women's Dream Team™. You must reach for the dream that stirs within you. Whatever is real to you in your hopes or aspirations, you can accomplish with a little hard work in our organization. I am happy to tell you that I am now an executive of this organization, not only making ends meet but stashing back the savings that the locusts ravaged some years ago. My children will be able to go to college soon, and I am able to feel secure for retirement.

Let us show you a way to make your future complete and full of the dreams you have for yourself and your precious family. Let us show you how to create a financially secure freedom with an income beyond any corporate level today. Your dreams will be restored to you here. There is a reason you found us. We will be the wind beneath your wings if you can dare to dream and learn to fly again.

Janet Marie Crescenzo

Greetings, and a warm welcome to Women's Dream Team. My name is Janet Marie Crescenzo, a mother of four children, and proud to say, a grandmother of four. I am the oldest and only daughter of Don & Mil Cain, with four younger brothers. We are a close family from humble beginnings, my dad is still in construction and my mom to this day is a wonderful homemaker. We all live in South Jersey, the garden state, and I thank God that we are all doing well.

My background has prepared me well for the mission of Women's Dream Team, because total wellness has been my passion for over 30 years. After high school, I attended college to gain a degree as a respiratory therapist. I worked in the cardio pulmonary department with heart and chronic lung patients and it was then that I made the decision to take control of my own health and well being. With continuing education in the field of wellness, I became certified as a massage therapist through Our lady of Lourdes Holistic Institute, which exposed me to a world of holistic modalities.

I practiced in my field for many years until I met and married the man of my dreams, Phil Crescenzo. I put my career on hold to raise our four children, Michele, Phil Jr., Christian and Rachel. I was on a mission to make our home environmentally safer for our children to the extent that I made my own home hygiene and personal care products. I wanted to avoid the harsh toxic chemicals that are found in those types of commercial products. Chemicals like, formaldehyde, phenol, dioxin, ammonia, bleach, and an arsenal of petrochemicals that are now linked to many of the diseases that we are faced with today. The statistics are out, they are no longer a secret, and here are some that I would like to share with you.

Every year 5-10 million household poisonings are reported, the immediate result of accidental ingestion of cleaning, personal care and common household products. Many of these poisonings are fatal, and most of the victims are children.

Asthma is up over 600% in children, allergies are out of control, the use of Ritalin is up ten-fold, and cancer is now the number one killer of children. As far as our environment is concerned, we have done more damage to our oceans by the use of commercial detergents than all of the oil spills in history combined.

I don't want to be perceived as an alarmist, but these are facts that need to be shared and this is part of our mission at Women's Dream Team™.

Now on the brighter side, 11 years ago we were so fortunate to have discovered a company that is now international that has truly enhanced our lives. A company that has made it possible for us to rid our homes of toxic commercial brands and replace them with environmentally safer products at a better price. A company that provides state of the art nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, home hygiene, personal care and cosmetics. We have been able to introduce this wonderful company to our close friends and family members and the results have been incredible. We now have several thousand customers who buy wholesale, direct from the company. While enhancing many lives, we were able to build a substantial six-figure income that has lasted over 11 years. The company sales have soared over the 500 million mark and are destined to be in the billions.

What does all of this information mean to us at Women's Dream Team? First we want to let you know that we are assembling a team of motivated moms and professionals to spread the word about our company. We are educating women on environmental and health issues with timely and insightful information. We are empowering women to take charge of their financial futures by utilizing their talents and abilities to make their own dreams come true. We are inviting you to be part of our "Dream Team" where knowledge, nutrition and lifestyle are the keys, and the sky is the limit.

Carol Booker

Hi, my name is Carol Booker and I live in a little town outside of Yosemite National Park called Oakhurst. I've lived here since 1993 in my dream house with my husband, Terry, of 37 years. But the question was, "Will we be able to keep it."

I've always said that we have different chapters of our life. At first, growing up through our youth, getting married, making a happy home were dreams. I dreamed and longed to have children but after two surgeries, I learned that this wasn't a dream I would personally realize. That was so painful. My husband, however, had three beautiful daughters and I enjoyed watching them grow. And now we are enjoying our grandchildren.

Then another chapter comes in our life. For many of us, that chapter includes being caregivers for our parents. I helped my Mom care for my Dad in his final three years before his death. At the same time, my father-in-law, who had lived with us for 17 years, was ill and died two weeks before my father died.

A year after our Dads died, Terry and I moved up to our "Dream House" and brought my Mom with us. She lived her last six years in our beautiful mountain area. She was 86 years old, and oh, what stock she was made of! It made me appreciate good health even more. She and our Dads had good food, clean air and pure water, and what we once took for granted are now problems throughout the country.

In 2001, Terry was told he had cancer. In this chapter of our life together, I appreciated even more how important it was to watch what we ate. We chose to go the natural route. By changing his diet and having a regimen of supplements and good physician care, Terry has been cancer-free for three years.

Terry spent 35 years in the decking business, but that chapter of his life is now coming to a close. In March 2005, Terry said, "This is it. This will be the last summer for working." We both believed that we would have to move from our dream home because, after all, when you work for yourself, there is no pension. I said, "No, let me see if I can start a business or do something to contribute to our income."

Now, I say, who is going to hire a 61-year-old women who worked for her husband for 35 years and doesn't use a computer at all? Well my friend Marsha happened to call the day after we'd realized that we would have to move. I told her my dilemma. "Carol ," she said, "I'm working with a group of ladies and their businesses are growing by leaps and bounds. Try it" I took her up on her offer, and joined the Women's Dream Team™. I have to say that since coming on board, life has been delightful!

This final chapter of our life, retirement, is so much more promising now. I don't have to worry about relocating at our age. Rather, I'm making new business partners and we are working shoulder-to-shoulder to fulfill our dreams together.

Now I not only get to stay here in the house I'd always envisioned, but I have a new goal: we will pay the house off in order to enjoy our senior years with financial security from our partner company. Right now we have our faith, good health, cherished friendships and a wonderful hope. I do welcome all of you to dream along with us and see your own dreams come true.


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