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Author: Susie Q



It is about how you handle
that obstacle, not the fact that there is another obstacle that creates your

How you handle the tough
times, determines the good times.

How are you handling
your financial future?

Do you have a plan
B?  Do you have a rainy day plan?

What if your world
changed tomorrow, could you financially support your lifestyle?

Have a home business
that you work on line part time….around your life.

This will give you
residual supplemental income that you can save for a rainy day.

Secure YOUR future

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Here it comes…finally, SPRING!

February 13th, 2013
Author: Trudy R

Well, our favorite groundhog said spring is a coming soon. It’s now time to start thinking of those spring/summer clothes, the popping up of the early spring flowers and those nice spring showers not snow. It’s also a time we all think, ‘We made it another winter without killing ourselves’.

How do you prepare for the changing season? Do you celebrate with a shopping spree whether at the clothing store or your favorite hardware store? Do you feel the excitement of pulling out the grill and can already taste those yummy grilled foods? Or are you in anticipation of those sunny warm days that you can sit in your chaise lounge and read or fall asleep?

Whatever you like, just keep thinking ‘it’s a comin’ soon!’

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winter weather

February 7th, 2013
Author: Linda W

Are you tired of the winter weather? As the Noreastern is approaching…
Do you dread going outside to brush off the car?
Do you dread scaping the ice off the windshield?
Do you dread facing rush hour dangerous traffic?

When you work from home, your entire commute is the traffic through your hallways, no cold weather to deal with, and no stress of dangerous car rides to get to your place of employment.

Why not find out if working from home is the option for you?

Visit us today at:


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