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What are you thankful for?

November 14th, 2012
Author: Linda W

It is that time of year to sit and be thankful for our blessings and accomplishments.

I am thankful for two beautiful children, the chance to be there and watch them grow up, and the ability to provide for my family. Having a home business has provided that for me.

What are you thankful for?

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Be Willing to Change ……

November 10th, 2012
Author: Linda W

As looking at business and finances, you need to be open to change. I just ran across a great story that illustrates this.

On a dark and foggy night in the midst of a stormy sea, the captain of a ship spotted what seemed to be the light from another ship in the distance. He quickly went to his station and flashed a message across the water, ” Change your course twenty degrees north. No sooner had he done this than a reply flashed back, “Change your course twenty degrees south.” The captain became angry and flashed back, “I am a captain and I commander in the naval forces, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.” The responding message was signaled back, ” I am a seaman first class with no commander, and I say change your course twenty degrees south.: This infuriated the captain who now signaled, ” I am in a battleship, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.” There was a brief pause as the angry captain awaited the reply. Finally the response came, ” I say change your course twenty degrees south… I am in a lighthouse!”

We at Women’s Dream Team can help you adjust to change and lead you on a road of financial freedom for women!

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Looking Forward

November 10th, 2012
Author: Donna

As the frenzy and excitement of the past several months comes to and end in this election, I hope we can all now begin to look forward to what’s next, where are we going, how are we going to get there and how can we accomplish our goals and DREAMS working together.  

We have been a Nation divided for some time now, the Blue states and the Red states.   As we watched the election result’s coming in on the news, we literally could see a Nation divided.  What I am looking forward to, and hope everyone who ‘GETS THIS’ will also,  is becoming a Nation united again.  A recently read in a newsletter I get regularly….”As of today, we are no longer red or blue states—combining the two colors, we are now purple (“We the purple,” to rephrase the Constitution).  Unity is possible. 

So I have decided to embrace the color PURPLE as we move forward for the future.  “Purple”,  to remind me of the unity we desperately need in our Nation, our homes, our families and our communities.  “Purple” representative of royalty, which I believe our nation is made up of ‘a royal people’.  People who really do care about each other and the good of the country.

So as we move ahead,  may the color Purple remind us of  how blessed we are here in the United States of America.  To be able to pursue our dreams & businesses as we strive to work together in unity, which will make us a strong, respectable, decent, desired place to be once again in the world.

That being said, I am adding Purple to my home office today….I think it will be in the form of  flowers to enjoy!!  Hope you do to :)!!

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Author: Trudy R

Well it’s that time of year again. The days start to carry the crisp chill of fall and the winter to come. Meanwhile, everyone is starting to look forward to the holidays and all the time to be spent with friends and family. Houses start looking pretty with all the outside decorations and the wonderful smells of cookies and breads filling the air. Children start working on their good behavior in hopes of getting that “MUST HAVE” item, and the adults start thinking of how to decorate and prepare for the end of the year and the start of new hopes and expectations for a new year/beginning.

It’s time for everyone to review how the past year has gone and what is to come. How do you prepare?

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After “Sandy”

November 4th, 2012
Author: Trudy R

I hope all are able to read this sitting at home on their own computers. After seeing some of the devastation from the ‘super storm’ Sandy on the news, I am thankful that I’m here and was not physically affected by the storm. We had prepared for the worse as we were supposed to get socked by the storm, but thankfully, the storm literally jumped over us. Seeing all the wreckage on tv was heart wrenching. So many lost everything and even in the aftermath, many more will also lose everything. Hearing the death toll was not a joy either. Usually, storms like this are not expected in the areas that were hit so preparations were probably not as good as they should have been. This was definitely not one of those times that “ignorance is bliss”.

I hope all can reach out and help those that suffered, even if it’s a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. Every little bit helps.

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