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Author: Linda W

I am so happy to say that I am home everyday when my kids are home from school this summer.

With my old corporate job, I used to have to pay A LOT of money to the babysitter to watch my school age kids all day long and then never got to take them to the park, zoo, movies, etc.

I would never change my home based business for anything in the world! Why would I ever wish to miss my precious children grow up?

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Pondering Home School?

June 23rd, 2011
Author: Susie Q

When my grown children were small I never had the option of home schooling them.  I had to work outside the home.  So our three grown children were educated through the public school system and had some very good teachers.  When became parents of twin boys at the age of 46, we talked about how we wanted them educated from the time they were born until the year before they started school.  Fortunately this time around I had the option of home schooling them because I am a work at home mom with my own home based business

There are so many good teachers in public schools, the problem we have is not with the teachers as much as with the governing forces they are ruled by.  We believe children should not be taught the same way.  Each child is different and learns differently.  Some children learn at a very fast pace, others take their time.  My husband and I wanted to be able to start teaching them when they were ready, not when the school said they had to go.  We also wanted to choose what we taught them.  We have very strong spiritual beliefs that we also wanted to implement into their curriculum.

 The school system wasn’t our only concern.  The peers were the biggest concern we had.  There are so many children in one room together for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week bringing in things that they are exposed to at home.  This concerned us greatly.  My husband and I are not under any belief that we can always protect them from everything, but we can protect them until we can instill in them what we think is healthy for them to learn and be exposed to.  Then when the time comes for them to be around other children they will have a better understanding of what is right and wrong where our family is concerned.

Many talk of home-school children not being socialized.  They have plenty of socialization with their friends, their cousins, as well as, playing at the park with me and my husband within 10 feet to keep an eye on things.  It is a parent’s job to be on duty all the time.  Home school is our school of choice.  With my home-based business they are also learn the benefit of families working together toward success and the value of a hard earned dollar.  If you are considering home schooling your children I do believe you should read as much information as you can so you will be informed.

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Author: SuccessfulYoungLady

Never under estimate the power of motivation.

“Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away.”
Sir Arthur Helps

What is your favorite motivational quote of the day?

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Author: Sylvia F

I love working at home! I am a mommy, grandma, artist, and wife who has supplemented my income for many years. I love working with the Women’s Dream Team and truly enjoy working with and training other women.

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I am a mom of two beautiful children but I found that the babysitter was raising them. I needed to change that so I quit my 80 hour a week career and found a part time teaching job. But I found myself needing to find supplemental income, as I took a HUGE paycut. In the economy as it is I wasn’t having any luck. I found a home based businesses for moms. Now I say no to daycare!

I have found that being able to fit work into my life style and not have to fit life into work has been a true blessing. I make my own schedule, if there are days that are filled with school activities or doctor’s appointment, soccer games, basketball practices, etc! I can pick up the kids, head home, feed my family, and then go to work when I am ready. The best part is I am making residual income.

It is so nice to know that I have a group of women supporting me in my new business experience. All my training and support is right here at my fingertips. Now my family is on our way to Financial Freedom.

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Enjoying Nature

June 7th, 2011
Author: Linda W

I am so happy to show you the picture that I took in my backyard, while taking a break from working Women’s Dream Team.
Where else can you make money and see this beautiful scenery?

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