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Author: Linda W

1) Getting dressed up for an interview.

2) The pre-interview self Pep-talk.

3) The absurd computerized psychological testing some employers deem necessary.

4) Selling yourself to someone who probably has less experience than you do.

5) The expense of getting ready for the interview.

6) Trying to remember addresses and phone numbers you had 10 years ago.

7) Re-filling out paperwork that is already on file.

8) The disappointment in not getting a job that you are obviously over-qualified for, but, Hey! The rent is due!

9) Feeling the need to explain your life choices.

10) Pretending that your family is non-existent and that you’re a focused career person ready to sacrifice everything just to get an entry-level position.

If you can relate to the above, then you can probably understand why we chose to say Good-Bye to job-hunting and interviews forever, and why we chose to work our own businesses from home.

Women’s Dream Team is providing financial freedom for women! This can be you!

Deciding to take control over your life is a pretty liberating feeling.

You may have been on the last interview of your life!

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