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Working Mom’s Guilt

March 31st, 2011
Author: Linda W

I had worked since I was 16, earlier if you count babysitting. I had known things would change when I had kids, but I had no idea how much I would struggle with the guilt. I felt guilty when I was at work because I was missing the joys of spending time with my child. I was guilty when I was at home because I was leaving earlier and missing more evening activities I should have been participating in. It was hard to live always torn between work and home until I found a solution, a business opportunity for women.

When I was at work I was agonizing over the things I was missing. Would my daughter say a new word or learn a new song today? I went so far as to tell my daycare provider not to tell me any new things she had done, until I told her I saw them first. I wanted to at least believe I saw the first step, word, and new success. It was so hard for me. My husband was in charge of drop offs, because if I had to do drop off every day, I would have quit after the first week; it broke my heart. If I left the house first I could at least pretend she was home with daddy. Working was killing me. I would sit at my desk and wonder what my daughter was doing.

When I was at home the guilt was equally troubling. I often was thinking about projects I was working on. I choose to miss critical business activities, because the thought of leaving before my daughter was awake and getting home after she was in bed was too much for me. It didn’t do much good to skip the activities because my mind was still there even when I was at home. I was trying to fit more and more into my schedule.

Almost a year ago I was laid off. I always say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was forced to look at my choices. I also was given a little wiggle room because I was eligible for unemployment. This gave me the time to start my own business. I now work from home with a great group of women. We all work a schedule that is convenient to our life. I work when my daughter naps or in the evening. Now I miss nothing. We can go to the park or on play dates. I enjoy work and being mom guilt free!

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Spring Fever

March 31st, 2011
Author: Linda W

What is Spring Fever?

I used to think it was when warm weather hit, but it has been unseasonably cold here in NY this March and yet spring fever has arrived. One of the main factors to spring fever is the sun. Think about it, sunshine just makes you feel better, you smile, and hense, you get spring fever.

Now I am lucky I don’t work in a little office with no windows. I am able to work at home, on my deck (bundled up now as it is so cold) but with my face in the sun. Thank you Women’s Dream Team!

Share with us:
1. Do you have spring fever?
2. What can someone do when they have spring fever?

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