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Author: Linda W

Women’s Dream Team is an amazing group of women who aspire to rise above the recession! We are here to help other women create wellness in personal, physical, environmental and financial facets of their lives The drive and strength of our team, comes from our founder, Marsha. Marsha recently was interviewed. Please click on the link to read what she has to say:”>

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Be Willing to Change Your Course

February 17th, 2011
Author: Linda W

As looking at business and finances in 2011, you need to be open to change. I just ran across a great story that illustrates this.

On a dark and foggy night in the midst of a stormy sea, the captain of a ship spotted what seemed to be the light from another ship in the distance. He quickly went to his station and flashed a message across the water, ” Change your course twenty degrees north. No sooner had he done this than a reply flashed back, “Change your course twenty degrees south.” The captain became angry and flashed back, “I am a captain and I commander in the naval forces, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.” The responding message was signaled back, ” I am a seaman first class with no commander, and I say change your course twenty degrees south.: This infuriated the captain who now signaled, ” I am in a battleship, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.” There was a brief pause as the angry captain awaited the reply. Finally the response came, ” I say change your course twenty degrees south… I am in a lighthouse!”

We at Women’s Dream Team can help you adjust to change and lead you on a road of financial freedom for women!

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Author: Linda W

I found this story by an unknown author that totally demonstrates why our children do as we do, not as we say

Teaching Baby Crab to Walk
Father crab was delighted that he had a baby, and hoped that his son would be the most correct and proper crab. Later, however, he was grieved to see Baby Crab sidling along instead of walking straight. “My son,” he said, “always remember that you should walk straight forward.” But despite all the lessons and talk of his father, Baby Crab persisted in walking sideways.
For many, many days the two might be seen at the bottom of the stream, and each day Father Crab put more and more energy into teaching his son to walk straight. At last the little fellow became discouraged and saddened and said, “Father, just walk straight yourself, and show me how it is done.”
The father crab started proudly along the sand at the bottom of the stream, but though he tried hard to walk straight, he had been so accustomed to walking at a slant that nature was too strong for him, and he went sideways.
The little crab cried out with glee, “If that is all that you want, I can walk like that too, Father,” and ever since, the baby crab has grown up walking sideways, which shows how much stronger were his father’s actions than his words.

Wow this really drives home that our children do as we do. I am glad that I have a home based business where I am able to demonstrate hard work and effort to my children.

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Stuck in the Snow and Ice?

February 3rd, 2011
Author: Linda W

Are you stuck in snow and ice and just plain tired of winter already? Are you sick of paying so much for gas in your car, just to sit on the expressway in snowy/ice weather and waste that precious gas? Try to think out of the box and look into another way to earn an income.

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