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Do You Have Ambition?

January 28th, 2011
Author: Linda W

Ambition and patience make a powerful team. Ambition gives
you the drive and the enthusiasm to get things started, and
patience sees them through.

Without ambition, you would never get going. Without
patience, you would give up long before the goal was

When you choose to develop and activate both your ambition
and your patience, you’ve created a relentless combination.
For not only will you be effective, that effectiveness will
continue to be applied over time.

With enough ambition, you can make just about anything
happen, but not right away. The most effective effort is
continuing effort, and that is what patience makes possible.

You never have to choose between ambition and patience. You
can live with them both at the same time, and when you do,
great things will happen.

Success comes to those who know when to push and when to
wait. Balance ambitious effort with a deep, underlying
patience, and the results you achieve will be truly amazing.

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Author: Linda W

There is no reason why women have to be subject to the men in their lives for money. I could never imagine living on an “allowance.” But there are millions of women out there who must ask their husbands for money. This puts the women in a position of submission. It’s sad, really. Financial freedom for women is possible. There are many things a woman can do from home to make extra money for herself and her family. Why not take control over you life ladies? Don’t be financially controlled by your husbands, find a job you can do from home.

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