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Teaching Work Ethics

September 30th, 2010
Author: Linda W

So, are you wondering how to teach your child about having a work ethic? The first thing is to model it. We all know the phrase… Children will do as you do, not as you say! With working a home based business, your children can see you work right along side family life.

Now the second thing is to show them that work pays off. This comes in the form of chores.
I found an amazing site to keep track of your children’s chores (job chart). This was always an issue when my kids were young. I could not think of a system that worked with them that was not so complicated for me that it drove me crazy.

Do you have suggestions for teaching children about a great work ethic?

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Make Something Meaningful

September 22nd, 2010
Author: Linda W

The results you get do not come from the situation. The results you achieve are determined by what you choose to focus upon and what you choose to do.

From the very same set of circumstances, two different people can achieve two vastly different results. The outcome is not based on what they were given, but on what they do with it.

If the results you are getting are not the results you desire, stop looking for someone or something to blame. Start looking for the possibilites that you have not yet considered.

Make your most positive and compellig purpose the filter through which you view everything that happens. that will cause outstanding, powerful possiblities to pop into view.

The world around you is constantly changing. There is always a way to harness the energy of the ever-changing landscape to suit your purpose.

Look calmly and confidently at the situation in which you find yourself. Then step gratefully forward and make something beautiful, valuable and meaningful out of it all.

How do you make something meaningful?

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Cooking…What is that?

September 16th, 2010
Author: Linda W

Being a woman entrepreneur, a mom and raising 2 very active daughter’s, doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. Cooking nutritious meals that the kids will actually eat is a very difficult task. Even more difficult is coming up with the time to make the menus, buy the food and then prepare it. Whew! We won’t even talk about the laundry, the cleaning and that’s before you can even get dressed in the morning.

Weekly Cooking (I cook it all on the weekend) has been a life saver for me. I set aside one day a week to plan a week’s worth of meals for my family. Then I make a grocery list and hit the store. The next step is to set aside time to do all of the cooking. Once you have all those meals in the freezer it is so simple just to heat it up, add a salad or a side, some rolls and you have a wonderful meal in less than 30 minutes. It is worth it. The time and stress that is saves the rest of the week is amazing. The internet has many sites with information about once a week cooking plus there are lots of books out there. Now I can go take a nice walk with one of daughters before they grow up and leave the nest!

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School Supplies are so Expensive

September 4th, 2010
Author: Linda W

Are you going through that school supply list and realizing you need a small loan to get everything that the kids need?

As government is cutting funding for schools, parents will need to purchase more and more for their children and the classroom.

Here are some helpful hints:

* shop around
* look at sales flyers
* talk with the teacher about other alternatives
* buy in bulk… mid year it is likely that your child will need replacements and you can get a better deal on bulk now
* travel to a few different stores to get the list. Usually each store will have a few things cheaper and then drive up the costs on other items… do you research prior to shopping.

Do you have any helpul hints?

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Author: Linda W

Working from home is an option that many women are considering that may never have giving it a second thought prior. In this economy, it is so important to be in control of your career and income.

Visit the link below to find out if this is right for you…..

Womens Dream Team

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