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I am so happy to say that I am home everyday when my kids are home from school this summer.

With my old corporate job, I used to have to pay A LOT of money to the babysitter to watch my school age kids all day long and then never got to take them to the park, zoo, movies, etc.

I would never change my home based business for anything in the world! Why would I ever wish to miss my precious children grow up?

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Author: Linda W

I am loving my retirement so much that I can put my efforts into a legitimate home based business ensuring a bright future. I can plan my day, schedule my work in the privacy of my own home and find myself working smarter being the captain of my “own ship”. My financial future looks brighter. I was fortunate to find the support and training I needed to get my business going.

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Author: Linda W

For centuries, women have challenged the traditionally male-dominated arenas of business and politics – and the results have been stunning. Today, more women are in power than at any previous point in human history. Many of the most happy and successful women avoid a trip to the corporate boardroom altogether. Home based businesses for women provide a chance for significant financial gain.

The Internet represents one of the most transcendent marketing tools available. Women can find their niche – interior décor, designer handbags, carpentry, you name it – and provide products to their clients from the comfort of home. Online businesses are particularly useful for busy mothers who don’t have the time to work a 9 to 5 schedule.

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Author: Linda W

Working from home is a wonderful way to be able to stay home with your kids and still contribute to the household income.  One thing to remember is when you are working for yourself is that you will never climb to the top by yourself.  It takes all cohesiveness of the team in order for you to grow your business.  If your home based business ever becomes just about you, you will fail.  You have to remember that it is all about “them”, the customers.  Be conscience of their needs, their feelings and how you can create a optimal experience for them.  Do you follow up with them regularly?  Do you train them to grow their business properly?  Are you available to them when they need you?

When you work for yourself means creating an atmosphere of success.  Success is a choice and an attitude.  You must lead by example.  The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack.  You can’t expect anything of your team that you aren’t willing to do yourself.

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