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Author: Linda W

Do you wonder, “Who Am I?”

Women function in so many different roles during their lifetime. There have been articles written about the fact that if we were paid an actual salary for the positions that we hold it would be a six digit figure. We are an amazing breed. Realizing that, do you ever feel lost in those roles?
Who are you? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have. As much as I love my family, I wonder sometimes who I am. As women we spend so much time pleasing others and caring for others we allow ourselves to be lost in the shuffle. What we don’t realize is, if we don’t find ourselves no one else will find us! We should have something that we can take pride in that is just ours.
I was faced with that decision one day two years ago when I went in search of something I could accomplish that would give me personal fulfillment, income, friendships and accomplishment. I was so grateful when I found Women’s Dream Team. I am building a home based business for women that will last me a lifetime. This is a business I can pass on to my children. I have made friends with some of the most amazing women. You may ask what makes this team so different from the others.  My answer would be respect.
Who am I? I am a successful business builder who loves my family enough to remember who I am.


Who are you?

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A Queen of Multi-tasking!

April 20th, 2010
Author: Linda W

Some days I feel as I am the Queen of Multi-Tasking and other days…I feel like a fish out of water! Multi-tasking can be a wonderful skill or a downfall if not used properly.

Cutting corners on how to clean up a kitchen, talking on the phone while dusting, or making business calls while waiting for your child to finish up at soccer practice are all excellent ways to make use of your time and multitask.

Talking on the phone while driving, doing your nails while mowing the lawn, and changing the baby while roller blading are not good ideas. ( I know some of those are just funny but seriously…short cutting important communication and important skills/tasks are not good)

You need to make efficent use of your time, while not shortcutting the value in what you do.

Work at Home moms with a home based business are at high risk of too much multi-tasking if you do not set up your office and stick to office hours. It is way to tempting to throw a load of laundry in during work hours if your office is in view of the washing machine.

If you remember to Work Smarter, Not Harder…you will be a true effective Multi-tasking Queen

What are some do’s and don’ts that you can think of?

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Say NO to Daycare!

April 13th, 2010
Author: Linda W

When the economy was better, women could take maternity leave and not have to worry about the job being gone when they returned. But that’s no longer the case. Taking leave from any job now means that you run the risk of simply not having a job when you return. With so much more on their minds, a poor job market is something new mothers or expecting mothers shouldn’t have to worry about.

One way to skirt around this problem is to seek out an at home business opportunity for women.
Working from home has benefits for anyone who’s interested, but it’s particularly well suited for mothers, because it’s a physically easy job. There’s no heavy lifting involved with at home projects such as data entry or freelance writing. There’s also no commute time, so as you near your due date you’ll never be far from the hospital. Mothers can also split their days between working and watching the new little one. It’s an ideal situation, especially for those that are looking to pick up some extra cash or to supplement another salary.

Visit us today at to find out more information!

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Teaching Your Children

April 12th, 2010
Author: Linda W

Actions speak louder than words.

I found this story by an unknown author that totally demonstrates why our children do as we do, not as we say

Teaching Baby Crab to Walk
Father crab was delighted that he had a baby, and hoped that his son would be the most correct and proper crab. Later, however, he was grieved to see Baby Crab sidling along instead of walking straight. “My son,” he said, “always remember that you should walk straight forward.” But despite all the lessons and talk of his father, Baby Crab persisted in walking sideways.
For many, many days the two might be seen at the bottom of the stream, and each day Father Crab put more and more energy into teaching his son to walk straight. At last the little fellow became discouraged and saddened and said, “Father, just walk straight yourself, and show me how it is done.”
The father crab started proudly along the sand at the bottom of the stream, but though he tried hard to walk straight, he had been so accustomed to walking at a slant that nature was too strong for him, and he went sideways.
The little crab cried out with glee, “If that is all that you want, I can walk like that too, Father,” and ever since, the baby crab has grown up walking sideways, which shows how much stronger were his father’s actions than his words.

Wow this really drives home that our children do as we do. I am glad that I have a home based business where I am able to demonstrate hard work and effort to my children.

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