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Author: Linda W

Women’s Dream Team is an amazing group of women who aspire to rise above the recession! We are here to help other women create wellness in personal, physical, environmental and financial facets of their lives The drive and strength of our team, comes from our founder, Marsha. Marsha recently was interviewed. Please click on the link to read what she has to say:”>

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Extra Cash for the Caring Mom

February 12th, 2010
Author: Hear-Us-Roar

working_at_homeAlthough their numbers have dwindled in recent years, stay-at-home moms deserve to be commended for their dedicated style of parenting. Few parents feel comfortable shipping their young children off to daycare. Luckily, circumstances sometimes allow one parent to stay home and nurture the kids while the other earns money.

Sometimes that single source of income isn’t quite enough to sustain a family, but that doesn’t mean mom needs to return to work at the office. The Internet offers several unique stay at home mom businesses that anyone can take part in. They can use their professional skills to work from home and remain a part of their children’s everyday lives.

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Defining Success

February 7th, 2010
Author: Sheila N

Fancy car? Giant TV screen? Big diamond ring?

Are these our measures of success? I used to think so. Then I got the car, the TV, and the ring. What happened next? I got to show them off to other people, of course.

Then what?

You know the answer… I bought more stuff. I made sure it was newer, bigger, and more expensive. Simple. Then as I continued down the path of accumulation, I reached the inevitable conclusion. Where would I put it all?

“That’s easy,” my friend suggested, “Rent a storage unit.”

Eureka! We had so much fun that weekend. I rounded up the kids, and made a fun family weekend of it. You can imagine everyone’s excitement when they heard my plan. “If you pack all this heavy stuff into my truck, and help me unload it, in the hot sun, I’ll give you each a new pair of working gloves.”

Yes, we’d achieved the American Dream. Lot’s of wonderful stuff and a storage unit to capture the overflow. Hmmm. What now? “I know,” my friend chimed in. “Let’s have a garage sale!”
If you’re like me, this story is familiar. If you want something more out of life, you should consider starting a home business for women. What I exchanged for all that stuff was my time, my relationships, and my sanity. My stuff owned me. Now, as I stay home with my children, and take the time to listen, their needs become more clear, and my life is full of the happiness I was searching for all along. I love my home based business for moms!

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