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What are your goals?

August 31st, 2009
Author: Linda W

Do you remember blowing on a dandalion and making a wish? Well, in working with my home based business I have a dream of residual income for women. In my trainings and research, I have learned that Goals are just Dreams With Deadlines! I do believe this is true. Why is this so important? When goals are written they become more concrete. The physical act of writing them on paper reinforces them in your mind. You are then more aware of them and more likely to achieve them. After you have written your goals, you need to review them as often as possible. You need to write an action plan that allows you to reasonable reach your goals.

The first step is putting that dream into motion and giving it a deadline. Then and only then can you begin to make your dreams of having success come true. Writing down what you truly believe in, your mind will accept and you will be determined to achieve.

What are your strategies for achieving your goals?

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H1N1 updates…

August 28th, 2009
Author: Linda W

Are you concened about the newest predictions of the H1N1 virus? I know in our area, there was a terrible outbreak this June/July.
baby and doctor

Germ prevention is the key. It is important to wash hands and be aware of possible germs at all times. Also have hand sanitiser and wipes available if you are not at home (one more advantage of having a home based business if that you can wash your hands whenever you want)

Another advantage of working from home is that I can take care of the kids when they get sick. I just received an e-mail to sign a petition to give all Americans paid sick leave. I can’t believe that some people are forced to work where if they miss a day, they are docked pay.

What are some prevention tips you have heard?

P.S. Find important updates and information about H1N1 preparedness, response, and vaccine development from the CDC at

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Author: Linda W

I just read an article ( that defines a term I did not know


Helicopter Parent:  a parent who pays extremely close attention to their child’s experiences, often rushing in to prevent any failure from befalling them and will not let the child learn from their own mistakes.  These parents micromanage their kid’s life even as the child gets older and often against the child’s own wishes.


WOW.  It is so hard to not be a parent that helicopters but is it also so critical for your child to learn in the safety of your home.  No one wants the first failure your child experiences to be when they are a grown up and fail at a job. Children do need to learn to be confident in their own capabilites.  It is so easy to fall into this trap, especially if you are working at home with a on line business for women.

Suggestions to help if you find yourself helicoptering.
* ask yourself “Will failure with this task really hurt my child?”
* ask yourself “Did my child ask for help?”
* LISTEN to your child
* teach your children how to make good decisions on their own
* Give your child choices, and abide by them
* Give your child your full attention

What tips do you have with this issue?

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Author: Linda W

It is a child’s fear… a parent’s nightmare….

Starting a new school.

A group of teens in school
It comes with so many questions and new situtations. How can you help your child?
Here are some helpful tips.
* visit the school before it starts if possible
* If school already started, visit the school after all the kids have gone home so your child can talk you through their day, change of classes, locker, etc.
* meet the teachers and share you and your child’s concerns about the transition
* be aware of rules and routines
* be aware of school dress code
* know the food menu (and have a back up plan if your child does not like the lunches)
* stay in touch, most teachers are on e-mail and can answer a “just checking in” e-mail from a parent
* be aware of grading and homework expectations
* if your child is having trouble with the transition, contact a counselor
* if your child is having academic trouble, get help at school ASAP…don’t wait
* ask about new friends, monitor closely
* be there a PTA?
* most of all LISTEN to your child and ACT upon what they NEED

Now this is all easier if you are not stuck in a 9-5 job where you do not have flexiblity or freedom to be a mom. I used to work 80 hours a week but my kids had trouble transitioning and I found myself an excellent home based business with Women’s Dream Team and this year I am right there as my daughter starts middle school.

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Where Will You Be?

August 26th, 2009
Author: Jackie B

Our economic status at best is dictating a shift or a change in our society regarding the American workplace. Our lawmakers are stating that job opportunities will become available sooner or later for those out of work but are saying that people will have to learn to live on less than what they were used to earning. If you are looking for a job it is not comforting to know that we will have to learn to live on less money. This statement was predicated on our country’s debt and the failure of so many governmental entities such as Medicare, Social Security and now our newly proposed Healthcare Reform.

Money 500
The time is now to remove yourself from this bleak future. We as Americans can take back the control of what we earn. The home based business concept is not new but rapidly becoming a solution to the way we view the workplace. We can work towards financial security and a forecasted residual income in the new workplace, and we control how much money we make or how little we make.

Be in control of your income, take control of giving yourself a raise in a bleak economy. You can sit back and just take what comes or you can take your entrepreneurial spirit and invest it in the financial future you deserve. Do the research and search for the right home-based-business that equips you with the tools you need to move forward towards fianancial security. The Womens Dream Team gives so much more than most home based businesses. The Womens Dream Team will hold your hand and help pave your way to financial success. Where will you be when the traditional workplace offers you less money and working harder?

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Author: Linda W

NO matter how old they get…(yes even at 18 they are still babies!) it never gets easier to send your child off to a new adventure. College is a wonderful place for people to learn, grow, and develop a life long career, BUT it is very hard on the parents who raised their child for 18 years.

college dorm
Do you wonder what time they got in last night? If they like their roommate? If they like school food? If their classes are hard? It is very hard to give your child the space they need to grow and your peace of mind.

What can you do besides wander around the house…stopping in their old bedroom every now and again? You can’t call them every minute..(they get annoyed with that) so you need to get over being an empty nester and get a hobby or a home based business. The second choice also has the added benefit of helping to pay for the expensive college bills.

We can help you. We work on line and have an amazing turn-key program where we train you to work your amazing on line business for women.

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Author: Jackie B

white water raftingOur lives are much like rapid currents that sends us barreling down stream to rough waters. Right now it seems that we are in rough waters paddling, paddling trying to get to our goals that much faster. Making money is on every ones minds and needing more of it. For some, basic needs are a priority and for others just wanting to build a college fund, or retirement fund. The right job is really about what it would mean to work from home and take care of your family . Oh, did I say, “Make Your Dreams Come True”?

Finding the right job entails hours and hours of intensive creating of resumes’, setting appointments, lost time interviewing, and still no job that really eases your wallet or your mind. Take the time to research what a difference having your own home based business would mean. Would it entail more work? Not necessarily. Consider how much time we spend commuting , choosing our wardrobe, running errands and enumerous other responsibilities we may have. Take a chance, move out of your comfort zone and move towards financial independence. You can do this. Make a move towards the Womens Dream Team. Get in the boat, go down stream, toss the oars and go with the current. Let the current take you to what you wanted all along……… stay at home, take care of your family and more importantly take care of yourself.

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Profiting from Home

August 21st, 2009
Author: Hear-Us-Roar

FinancialFreedomAlthough the national economy has been showing encouraging signs of improvement lately, many women remain reluctant to start a new business venture. The problem is compounded for those who need to support one or more children. Some mothers choose to go the traditional route and search for a second job. Unfortunately, it can be just as unfulfilling as the first. Financial freedom for stay at home moms can be achieved, but you need the proper resources to get an educated start.

The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for those who know where to look. The Web is more than just a hub of seemingly limitless information – it’s also a great place to set up a marketplace at minimal cost. If you have a product or service to sell, there’s most likely an online market to provide the demand. Just think of the difference this secondary revenue stream could make in your life.

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Author: Linda W

I just was listeing to the radio and I actually heard a song tiled “Too Much Month Left at the End of the Money” ! This totally could have described the last weekend of July for me if I did not have a little fund set aside for rainy days.

car problems
All within 2 days..the car’s transmission broke (must get that fixed for the car to run), the dryer broke (must get that I have do over 20 loads of laundry a week), and I ended up in the emergency room with an absessed tooth and needed and emergency root canal (now I so did not want this one but I was in terrible pain so YES I needed this too). In all the weekend cost $2100.

Thank goodness for Women’s Dream Team and our supplemental income for women! I had that fund set aside to handle these issues. With so many families living paycheck to paycheck, I know this would be a devestating weekend for many. Now I was not happy with the weekend, but I could pay to fix everything and that is an amazing peace of mind!

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A Legacy To Our Children

August 19th, 2009
Author: Jackie B

Have you ever watched a child mimic a parent knowing that whatever they do is the way life really is? Parents are the best teachers for their children. Kids are so darn smart these days they pick up on so much we do. You may not think it registers but it does! I have seen children manifest and reflect parent behavior among their own play groups.

Jump baby

If there is no other reason to have your own home based business I do not know what is. Imagine the benefit your child receives from watching your organizational skills, communicating , and problem solving with others. Children are learning the value of hard work to achieve their dreams. I have always thought of residual income and financial security going hand in hand in a successful womens home based business but I have never realized what an impact it has on future generations.

Children learn how to win and how to lose gracefully and when to accept the pitfalls even if only temporary. We are grooming a whole new generation of work at home business entrepreneur’s and do not even realize it. The next time your child asks while you are working at home and why you are so kind and so helpful and all that stuff helps you bring money into the home ……..tell them it is your legacy to them while they are growing up wondering what they want to be when they grow up.

Do not be surprised when they say, “I want to be just like my Mom”!

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