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Author: Linda W

For many families, the likelihood of going on a summer vacation is directly proportionate to the price of gasoline, and 2009 is no exception. The good news, however, is that an enjoyable summer vacation is still possible if you plan ahead and make some smart money moves.  I find that since I do have my own stay at home mom business that I am able to save money to use toward a fun family Use these tips to spark some ideas and maybe find your own ways to save in the process:

1. Plan ahead. Take an honest look at your finances, and then decide how much you can really afford to spend this summer. Make sure you plan your trip around that amount and not the other way around. Take into account, transportation, activities, meals and even souvenirs. Leave a little wiggle room in your plan for unexpected expenses.


2. Rent. If you’re planning a long road trip, instead of packing the kids into the SUV consider renting a more fuel-efficient minivan. Price shop online – and early – to find the best deals. Always make sure your tires are properly inflated and that your oil has been changed recently in order to maximize gas mileage.

3. Use local resources. Check out the chambers of commerce and visitor centers for any areas you plan to visit. They usually have great coupons for local attractions and restaurants, along with other money saving ideas and tips. Also, look into the costs of public transportation. Sometimes shuttles to and from the airport can cost as much as renting a car – but don’t forget to take into account parking fees for the area you’re visiting.

4. Become a tourist in your own backyard. Consider destinations closer to home, and check out the visitor’s bureau for ideas and attractions you may not be aware of, or haven’t taken the time to see in your own city. You might be surprised at what you find.

5. Keep track of your spending. It’s not hard to lose track of how much you’ve spent during your vacation, making it easy to go over your budget. Try recording each purchase as you make it, or use a secure online system to automatically track your spending (since most program’s are completely online, you can login and check how you’re doing from anywhere with an Internet connection).

Wherever you end up this summer, be confident that you took the time to plan, and saved time and money in the process.

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Author: Cheryl M

For all those moms out there who feel like they’re going to have a break-down if they have to pick one more cheerio up off the floor, I hope this helps!

The next time you’re trapped in the house with your toddler and driving each other nuts, try this little exercise – it really helped boost me out of the doldrums while stuck at home with my son during two weeks of rain. My new perspective after doing this REALLY made a difference for us, and we enjoyed the following week immensely, and being a work-from-home mom with my own on line home busines, I was actually able to be productive!

The first thing I did was think through a typical day for us, and all the little ways he has of doing things, and what could be going through his little mind as he does them. Then I wrote a short list of a few of those things:

  • Winter boots are the best shoes EVER.
  • Cats are no fun unless you’re chasing them.Rain2
  • Any meat other than chicken or turkey dogs is “stinky”, and turkey dogs with condiments on them are “dirty”.
  • Horses are really cows in disguise.
  • Clean laundry makes the best landing pad for jumping off the back of the couch!
  • Peanut butter makes AWESOME face cream!

So the next time your toddler is in the middle of the freshly folded laundry and throwing it everywhere – just remember – to a little one, the clothes flying through the air are giant birds!

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Author: Linda W

moneyIf you are like me, planning meals to feed your family can really be an art if you are on a tight budget.  In our household, I use the money I earn from my home based business to buy the groceries, so it is important for me to be able to have healthy, well-rounded meals for my family that don’t cost me an arm and a leg.  Here are some tips that have helped me, I hope they help you to.

* Reduce your supermarket stops. One of the most common financial mistakes when shopping is impulse buying, which can create havoc on your food budget. By limiting visits to the supermarket, you reduce this possibility and are forced to plan ahead.
* Cooking seasonally. Food that is in season is cheaper than off-season produce, which often is shipped over long distances.
* Buy locally. Food produced close to home requires less fuel for transportation. Farmer’s Markets are great choices when on a budget.
* Manage a meal menu. Plan your meals for the week, and concentrate on only buying items that you need.
* Build a budget. When you get home from the grocery store, multiply your bill by four and you will have a fairly accurate estimate of your monthly food costs. Stay within this price range every time you go grocery shopping.
* Search for sales. Check the Sunday paper or in-store fliers each week to stay informed on the sale items.
* Lavish your leftovers. You will appreciate this tip whether you work outside the home, have a home business or don’t work at all. Creating multiple meals from a dish saves a tremendous amount of money and shopping time.
* Stay away from prepackaged products. A head of lettuce is a more cost-effective purchase than the bagged salad mixes.
* Buy in bulk. When hosting a party, plan a menu that includes seasonal products and items that can be purchased on sale and in bulk.

Money-Saving Tips

Keep these tips in mind to help save money:

* Prepare home-cooked meals.
* Drink water instead of sodas.
* Buy fresh, in-season produce.
* Canned fruits and vegetables are healthy and can be rinsed.
* Grow your own vegetables.
* Prepare a grocery list before you shop to help save you time in the store.
* Use a calendar to help plan your meals weekly.
* Get your kids involved in preparing family meals and have fun.

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Celebrate Success

June 28th, 2009
Author: Linda W

Life happens!  Our days can fly by and we become so focused on today that we lose sight of our success.   

You have probably heard of Steven R. Covey’s best selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  One of those habits is “Sharpen The Saw.”   When we invest in ourselves, great things result. 


Celebration is the first step in that process.  What do you have to celebrate? 

How has your home based business helped you have success in your life?

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Summer Time

June 25th, 2009
Author: Linda W

pkl003585Are you enjoying the summer time?  

The best part about having an on line home based business for women is that I can actually have a summer!  I can go to the beach, the park, or just lounge in my backyard. 


 I never used to enjoy these precious times and now I am just excited to be gardening and planning my vacation to the Rhode Island shore! 


Flexibility and Residual Income are key to allowing me to enjoy the weather and still have the income that I need. 




What is your ideal summer time experience?

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Author: Cindy P

tugboatLiving in a river city, I’ve learned a little about the workings of commerce and traffic on a busy waterway like the Allegheny. To get a boat around a dam large or small,locks are used.          A tugboat comes into the lock from a lower elevation below a dam,the lock is filled with water,and the boat and its barges are lifted to the higher level,so it can chug away from the lock,going on its own pace up the river.
What does this have to do with women entrepreneurs?
Time leverage and flexibility allows you to start your Women’s Dream Team home based business even while you still have your current job. That job is like the lock. Working with our team and getting started is compared to the water filling the lock. When your business goals are near to being reached,and you are getting to a “higher level” financially, you can leave the “lock”,and sail on your way to a higher level of security and flexibility! Not to mention being able to work from home!

If you are working with Women’s Dream Team,what comparisons have YOU found?”

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This is a question that you may be pondering and I get asked it all the time.  Yes I do. 

Women’s Dream Team is a amazing group of women where each woman has their own home based business and they work together on line.


There are three things that are key with a home based business:

  • Tax Advantages
  • Time Leverage
  • Residual Income

All three of these with the needed support are provided for you.  It does not matter where you start in your research, just where you finish.  Come check us out and we will show you that we are a legitimate home based business for women who wish to own a on line home business.

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Flexible Hours

June 23rd, 2009
Author: Linda W

Are you currently sitting in a cubicle wishing you were outside enjoying the summertime? Are you missing a picnic, a relaxing walk, time with your children?  So many women are tied to a desk and computer instead of having the ability to have flexible work time.

Water lilies

A home based business allows you to work When you want, Where you want, and With Who you want to work.  This is so important so that life does not pass you by. 

Residual Income allows you to have the flexiblity of  income still coming in to your bank account when you are not working that day or even that week.  It is a much better way to make a living, as you can take time off and not have to worry about the funds coming in. 

When you are researching the best home based business for women and residual income…… come check out Women’s Dream Team at

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Getting Through Tough Times

June 18th, 2009
Author: Hear-Us-Roar

incomeformomIt’s no surprise that the economy is struggling. Even though it’s bound to turn around, many families are really scraping by right now. While people used to worry about not putting enough away every month in savings, people are now worried about not having enough for their mortgage, car payments, gas, insurance, and everything else. All those expenses really have a way of piling up, and when your income is disrupted from cutbacks or layoffs, it can be difficult to recover from that kind of interruption.

That’s why so many families that were relying on one income have had to turn into a household with two working parents. This can be particularly stressful on the mother, who is already stretched thin with taking care of the family and the household itself. That’s why many resourceful women are looking for supplemental income for moms. This can include any number of online jobs. Even if it isn’t a full salary, the extra income will surely help the family get along until the economic outlook turns around.

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June 15th, 2009
Author: Cindy P

TreeIf you are searching for business ideas for women, you know that the internet is rife with schemes. When I found Women’s Dream Team, I wanted to be sure that I would be working with a company that has integrity!  Just what is integrity?

Dictionaries define it as “honesty, sincerity, uprightness.” The root of the word carries the thought of “wholeness and completeness”..”staying or sticking together”.  All those definitions exemplify this TEAM and the ethical standards we strive to keep.     You can feel comfortable in investigating us further.   You’ll find a home based business you can be proud of!

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