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End the Tug of War!

May 31st, 2009
Author: Linda W

Working Moms are stuck between their hearts and a economic hard place!

Does that statement describe you?  It used to describe me.  I used to work 80 hours a week away from the home just bm003to pay the bills for what I thought was the priority. 

Accoring to 

Here’s what the survey of working moms found:

·  Thirty percent of working moms whose companies have experienced layoffs in the previous 12 months are working longer hours than they used to.

·  Fourteen percent of surveyed moms have taken second jobs during the last year to make ends meet.

·  Combining family needs, financial woes and busy schedules, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 34 percent of moms admit to feeling burned out these days.

DON’T BE ONE OF THESE STATISTICS……We can show you a better way. 

Having a home based business empowers women to make financial decisions and work while being the ones raising their children!

I now get to go to all my children’s school field trips, be there when they get off the bus to talk about their day, know who their friends are, and just spend time RAISING my children…. (while making  $)

Come visit us at Women’s Dream Team for more information.

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Author: Cindy P

mom-and-me1As I reflected upon my recent visit to my Mom,it occurred to me that until I was an older teenager,I had a “stay at home” Mom. Yes, it was more the rule than the novelty then,but I truly value those formative years, when Mom was always there,and always a good example of hard work,selflessness and industriousness.

One vivid memory of “coming home to Mom” after school,(if you will permit me to share this little vignette),happened on November 22,1963.  We had been sent home early,because over the school loudspeakers that day had come the announcement that President John F.Kennedy had been shot and killed. Three shocked little girls got off the bus that day,and ran to Mom.  We found our Mom,in the family room,with the TV on,and the ironing board set up in front of it!  Ironing and weeping,weeping and ironing!  Then immediately turning to comfort her girls the best she could.

So what’s my point of sharing this little ode to Mom? If you are dreaming of being a  stay at home Mom,keep that goal alive. Someday,your son or daughter may have vivid memories of those times when you were the one who gave them that comforting “after school” hug that they will never forget! Women’s Dream Team can help you reach YOUR dream with your own home based business for women!

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135x135_you_canWe get asked this question many times.  The first answer that comes to my mind is personal connections.  We tell you all about us in a live webcast presentation, not in an ad or on a flyer.  We want to make sure we give you all the information upfront that will allow you to make an informed decision about us.  We feel that a live visual presentation is the best way to do this.  You get to watch it from your home computer and it is free.

The second thing that makes Women’s Dream Team different is our support.  We support you every step of the way.  We know this is new ground you are stepping on with a home based business over the Internet so we want to hold your hand and help you be successful.  We consider everyone part of our team and we want to assist you in anyway that you need.

Ladies of our team…..what do you think makes us different?

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Author: Linda W

I read the cutest saying that rings very true about life…

“A house becomes a home when you can write ‘I love you’ on the furniture!”

mu2-pinacoladasI used to spend to much time cleaning my house and not living my life with my kids. 

I was always worried what would happen if someone just dropped by.  Now I realize that they are much more interested in my life, my kids lives and the interesting things we are doing as we live our life, instead of how clean my house is. 

Having a home based business with Women’s Dream Team has taught me to put my priorities first and living my life is number 1.  My family time is precious and who cares if there is a little dust?

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Extra Income For Moms

May 23rd, 2009
Author: Linda W

As a mom raising two beautiful daughters, it is tough internal battle to not give them everything they want.  I know it is important to have them earn their material possessions as well as there are just some things that are a waste of money. 


With the cost of sports teams, music lessons, school supplies, clothes, etc.  a mom really does need to supplement just to make ends meet.  (that is not even affording the closet full of dream clothes my girls want)  To me I prioritize that money spent on making them a better person (not looking like all the cool models on TV) and believe me it adds up. 


Working with the home based business with Women’s Dream Team allows me to work around my girl’s schedules and to have extra income for moms.  The financial freedom for stay at home moms is amazing.  It also shows my girls that if you work hard, you can afford the things that you need.  I even have my girls “earn” some money by helping me out organizing my office, etc.

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Author: Cindy P

free_4993109 The skies were beautiful over the creamy white sands of Pensacola Beach. My two sisters and I just marveled at the reality that we were actually here! On vacation all three of us together–at last!         But the best part of the trip was visiting our Mom.  The day before, we had completely shocked, surprised and delighted her by arriving from the airport, not just two of us, as she expected,but all THREE of her daughters.  Two of us came in first,then a few minutes later, having lagged behind for the surprise, came Pam,knocking at the door.  Mom answered it,and for a moment, just stared with her mouth open. Turning around to the rest of us,she put her hands over her mouth,and cried for joy. It had been several years since our 84-year-old Mom had been in the presence of all three of her daughters at once!  It was a moment of a lifetime.  After that, four days went like a flash.

I am so grateful for my online business for women that has allowed me the freedom and flexibility to take this memorable little vacation!

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Successful Business Women

May 19th, 2009
Author: Hear-Us-Roar

businessIt’s a fact, women have more ability to be successful than men in the business world.  Unlike most men who just work, working women juggle dozens or even hundreds of different responsibilities on a day to day basis.  For many working moms, it can feel at times that they have three or four jobs rather than just one.  Addressing the needs of the family and the home is at least two full time jobs in itself, which is why women can accomplish much more than men in the business world.  Women are natural organizers, nurturers, and problem solvers who address the core issues of conflicts with patience and resolve.  Women can achieve this because their lives are much more stressful than men, and thus they’re accustomed to having to deal with all kinds of stresses and issues all at once. 

Women entrepreneurs tend to be some of the most successful people in the world.  These are women who put their ideas into action, and follow their dreams to become successful.  There are all kinds of business opportunities out there that women are more than capable of seizing.

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Author: Linda W


 This testimonial was sent to me in an e-mail today by a member of our home based business team…….

So many times the workplace  – and the world – can be filled with unhealthy competition and the need to protect yourself.  Here, the reality is support and encouragement and acceptance of each of us, no matter how we start out, how quickly or slowly we progress, what our personal circumstances are.  Everyone, from my mentor to every class teacher I’ve listened to, to the highest level of leadership, emphasizes belief in yourself and tenacity. Plain truth, I find it extraordinary and uplifting.


What is your story about Women’s Dream Team?

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May 18th, 2009
Author: Susie Q

I just saw the most wonderful quote and it brightened up my day.



Even on a bad day you can inspire someone without knowing it!


Think about it.  How many times do you come in contact with people?  As a woman entrepreneur with Women’s Dream Team,  I talk with women around the country daily.   I work hard daily to make sure that I can brighten  day by educating them about physical, mental and financial wellness! 


How do you brighten someones day?

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Women Entrepreneurs!

May 17th, 2009
Author: Linda W

When I watched the news today, I saw the first lady, Michele Obama give a commencement speech.  She was telling the graduates that there will be some rough patches ahead but to forge on and persevere!  She is correct that you should NEVER give up and always see obstacles as challenges that make your stronger. 


If you are new graduate…. please … persevere! 

It takes Tenacity in this world to beat the recession and thrive! 



 We at Women’s Dream Team have an amazing group of women who are testimonial to this message.  We are women entrepreneurs that thrive with our home based businesses for women

You will truly never get rich working for someone else, you will only make their dreams come true!  You must be in business for yourself to succeed.  The key is to find a home business that allows you the support that you need to succeed.

What is your plan to be a Women Entrepreneur and Persevere?

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