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Stress-Free MOM

April 28th, 2009
Author: Linda W

When I think back over the many years that I invested into working for corporate America, all I remember is feeling exhausted, stressed and unappreciated.   That isn’t much of a positive return for all the hours that I dedicated to helping someone else build their dream or keep their dream alive.  I remember coming home after ten hours of hard work and walking in my door yelling at my teenagers because the house was a mess and they weren’t doing anything they should have been doing.  When I finally did crawl into bed after making dinner, cleaning the house, getting everyone else in bed and taking a shower I only remember feeling inadequate as a mom and a wife and a failure as an employee.


That was a good enough reason for me to begin wanting to be my own boss and be a stay at home mom.  When I realized that having my own home  based business would earn me more that triple what I was earning investing 40+ hours a week working outside my home,  I was disappointed that I had not known about working from home long before now.  What a waste of time, energy and,  emotion to have to work outside the hom
e under someone else’s command.


So today I worked about 2 hours making phone calls and I cleaned my house, made dinner, played with the kids, went shopping and now am relaxing in my bed.  Life is good!  What a great way to earn a paycheck.

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Being able to be here

April 28th, 2009
Author: Cindy P

elderly-care My husband’s 87-year-old mother,Kay,lives in her own apartment, but it’s attached to ours. Really, it’s all one house. So as her mental abilities decline, I am more and more her guardian and caregiver.  Today she couldn’t think of the word for “mail,”so she asked me if I “got the things out of that box on the street.” It took me a few seconds to decipher what she meant.I had given her her mail already.  She is losing her grip on the time and day of the week.  One day she was eating only jelly toast at supper time.  Her mind had restarted the day somehow and she thought it was breakfast time at 6 pm.

There is no way I could be working a 9 to 5  job and leave her by herself now. We want to keep her home as long as possible. We don’t know what coming days will hold,we take it one day at a time. But words cannot express how grateful I am that I found this wonderful online business for women that enables me to be here. For the protection of  Kay,and for  peace of mind for my husband and me.

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Author: Julie C

The outbreak of the Swine Flu is not only scary but can affect all of us.  Working from home while having a stay at home mom business is a great way to avoid being exposed to the flu, but along with that we need to make sure our families are protected as well. 


The use of hand sanitizers and hand washing are critical activities to not only prevent the Swine Flu but all bacteria.  I do all I can to keep many chemicals out of our home making sure my family is safe. 

I have been notified by my son’s college to avoid any travel to Mexico and also to avoid some farmer’s markets, which is hard for be because I really like the natural foods, especially since I am doing what I can to go green.  I just want to warn as many people as I can to wash everything that is from ANY farm and make sure you and you children are washing and using hand sanitizers whenever you are exposed to any germs.

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Sandwich Generation

April 27th, 2009
Author: Linda W

Do you find yourself in the Sandwich Generation?  I am rushing between helping my mother take care of my grandmother and being there to raise my two children. 



My schedule today was crazy between hospital visits for grandma and then swim practice, soccer practice and making sure the book report is ready and the science test is studied for…oh and getting a healthy dinner on the table. 

I am so glad that I work with an excellent bunch of Women Entrepreneurs with Women’s Dream Team.  They lead by example and show women that we can be there for others that need us, while still providing financially for our families.  I love that I can work this business at the side of a soccer field, in the hallway of a hospital or where even in the waiting room of the orthodontist.

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10 Things…..

April 22nd, 2009
Author: Linda W

Top 10 Things I Hate About Job Hunting


1)      Getting dressed up for an interview.

2)      The pre-interview self Pep-talk.

3)      The absurd computerized psychological testing some employers deem necessary.

4)      Selling yourself to someone who probably has less experience than you do.

5)      The expense of getting ready for the interview.

6)      Trying to remember addresses and phone numbers you had 10 years ago.

7)      Re-filling out paperwork that is already on file.

8) The disappointment in not getting a job that you are obviously over-qualified for, but, Hey!  The rent is due!

9)      Feeling the need to explain your life choices.

10)   Pretending that your family is non-existent and that you’re a focused career person ready to sacrifice everything just to get an entry-level position.

If you can relate to the above, then you can probably understand why we chose to say Good-Bye to job-hunting and interviews forever, and why we chose to work our own businesses from home. 

Women’s Dream Team is providing financial freedom for women!  This can be you!

Deciding to take control over your life is a pretty liberating feeling.


You may have been on the last interview of your life!

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Humor is Uniquely Human

April 22nd, 2009
Author: Cindy P

Recently, I heard a lecture in which the speaker talked about how a sense of humor sets humans apart
from the animals. Now,of course, you’ve “cracked up” over the antics of your puppy or kitten, but think about it…
As the lecturer asked, “Have you ever heard a really good joke,and you just couldn’t wait to get home and tell it
to your cat?” laughing-girls The ability to laugh at ourselves,and at the ironies of our life,is indeed a precious gift that we should
not fail to utilize and appreciate!

To other women business owners like myself, this message is so important,because our lives are filled with
responsibilities and constant contact with people and personalities. Dealing with people can be difficult,or delightful,depending often upon our own view of the situation. While not treating others with disrespect, can we laugh at our situations, recognizing our own moments of fallibility, finding the irony, making it a point to find at least ONE humorous thing today? Collect those cartoons that really made you laugh. Put a smile in your voice when talking on the phone,even if you don’t feel particularly “smiley” that day…soon you will!  Find the puns. Be corny. Experts agree that even your immune system benefits from laughter,and the endorphins produced from it can ease pain! Laughter is contagious…mirth has worth!

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No More Missed Holidays

April 19th, 2009
Author: Cheryl M

My mother held a belated Easter Egg Hunt at her house this weekend, and it’s the first time the entire family has all been together in I don’t know how long! It seems like there is never a holiday anymore that everyone can attend. Including my parents, our family includes twelve adults and nine children under the age of eight, and as you can imagine, getting all of us together under one roof at the same time can be very difficult.

Every time I turn around, I find another benefit to working from home. Of the twelve adults in our familyeasteregghunt-main_full, two are self-employed in the construction industry, one is in the flooring industry, one is a nurse, one is a counselor, one owns his own auto detailing company, two are in insurance, one is a restaurant manager, two are homemakers, and one owns a home-based business. Half of the twelve are either not working or are self-employed, and the only ones who never miss a holiday are the two homemakers and me! Even this weekend, my brother who owns the detailing company couldn’t come until halfway through the party, and he came right from work!

Well, everyone had a great time, the kids all behaved wonderfully, and I’m thankful that we could all be together for a change. It’s just another bit of proof that working from home is the best decision I’ve ever made.

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April 16th, 2009
Author: Niki P

You know this weekend was great, I got to spendtime with two of my husbands sisters at a beach house in Sunset Beach, NC.  It was a quaint little coastal town with a beautiful view. 

I have always had issues with staying in any type of hotel or rental house, there are so many germs!  My husband thinks I am silly. He laughs more at the drive to and from our destinations,  because the public restrooms are worse!!! If I walk in to a restroom and think it less than par, I will hold it until we get to the next gas station. I am always afraid of the things I may come in contact with. Why? I usually get sick…. Oh did I not tell you, I am SICK!!! I came in contact with some nasty germ from one of the many stops we made on our trip. 

I haven’t been this sick is a long time. Thank God that I work at home! I have been able to be sick and not feel like I had to get up and make myself look better or pretend that I feel good infront of the public.  Not one person can see me! I am able to talk to people when I am feeling a little better and am able to sleep when I need it.  Now tell me there is another job in this world that would allow you to do this!!

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Author: Linda W

As looking at business and finances in 2009, you need to be open to change.  I just ran across a great story that illustrates this.

On a dark and foggy night in the midst of a stormy sea, the captain of a ship spotted what seemed to be the light from another ship in the distance. He quickly went to his station and flashed a message across the water, ” Change your course twenty degrees north.  No sooner had he done this than a reply flashed back, “Change your course twenty degrees south.”  The captain became angry and flashed back, “I am a captain and I commander in the naval forces, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.”  The responding message was signaled back, ” I am a seaman first class with no commander, and I say change your course twenty degrees south.: This infuriated the captain who now signaled, ” I am in a battleship, and I say change your course twenty degrees north.” There was a brief pause as the angry captain awaited the reply. Finally the response came, ” I say change your course twenty degrees south… I am in a lighthouse!”


We at Women’s Dream Team can help you adjust to change and lead you on a road of financial freedom for women!

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Author: Hear-Us-Roar


There’s a lot of talk in the current political and economic climate about unemployment and the difficulty of finding work within this job market. And many people on the job hunt right now can attest to that difficulty. Companies everywhere are starting to buckle down and cut back, and this can make job opportunities look scarce for just about anyone. And now combine the effects of the recession with a sometimes present bias towards women in the workforce, and this can be a downright difficult environment for any woman looking for new business ventures.

But business opportunities for women aren’t necessarily as bleak as they seem. Women just need to utilize an even more organized plan of attack in this environment. Instead of hitting the general classifieds, look instead for opportunities that are specific to women. The key to finding a job is being able to fulfill an employer’s specific needs. And when the jobs themselves are scarce, there’s nothing wrong with exploiting your specialized characteristics or skills. This could include everything from gender to your education level.

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