Managing Dinner Time



Being a on line business woman, a mom and raising a family, doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. Cooking nutritious meals that the kids will actually eat is a very difficult task. Even more difficult is coming up with the time to make the menus, buy the food and then prepare it. Whew! We won’t even talk about the laundry, the cleaning and that’s before you can even get dressed in the morning.

Weekly Cooking (I cook it all on the weekend) has been a life saver for me. I set aside one day a week to plan a week’s worth of meals for my family. Then I make a grocery list and hit the store. The next step is to set aside time to do all of the cooking. Once you have all those meals in the freezer it is so simple just to heat it up, add a salad or a side, some rolls and you have a wonderful meal in less than 30 minutes. It is worth it. The time and stress that is saves the rest of the week is amazing. The internet has many sites with information about once a week cooking plus there are lots of books out there. Now I can go relax and know that dinner is taken care of so I can enjoy my family time, before they “fly the coop”.

How do you mange to “do it all”?

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  1. SueNo Gravatar Says:

    That is such a great idea, planning and preparing a
    Week of meals. Every night I what will cook tonight.
    Thanks for a great idea. Love it!

  2. Levia CNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the idea of weekly meal planning and setting a day aside to cook. With toddlers it can be hard, but I’ve found that setting crock pot meals up in freezer bags can be a great time saver. I find new ideas for those on Pinterest.

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