Dog Tired


ok have you ever had one of these days? When you just cant seem to make it all the way into bed at night?
One of the important things for women is to take care of themselves when they wear their many hats.

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  1. Del G.No Gravatar Says:

    Dog Tired, and Blue in the Face…Yes I have had them I am sure I am not the only one that wears a lot of I make sure that I eat healthy for the most part, drink a lot of water and get 8 hours of sleep everyday, I plan on getting back to excercise again soon. I have had days where I am just that tired. I have learned not to try and do everything in one day. Time management is important, so I spread the hats Each hat gets some attention, but not all hats at Running yourself down will not pay off. I function better when I am rested. I manage my household, now a business and other affairs and I spread my time wisely and I get plenty of rest! lol..I avoid at all cost to not get run down most of the time..I am not perfect but sometimes its crunch , depending on whats going

  2. Delecia GNo Gravatar Says:

    Yes, I have had lots of those days. Wearing lots of hats will wear you down, so what I do is spread everything out instead of trying to do everything in the same day. I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep and I take care of my health.

  3. NatalieNo Gravatar Says:

    One of the most important coping skills I’ve learned is breaking huge projects down into smaller tasks (or bite-sized chunks, as I like to call them). It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you look at the whole thing as one big task but by taking it one step at a time, you give yourself permission to stop when you need to and pick it up again later at the step where you left off. Doing this can help lower your stress levels as well, making sleep easier when you do get there!

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