Who are You?


Women function in so many different roles during their lifetime. There have been articles written about the fact that if we were paid an actual salary for the positions that we hold it would be a six digit figure. We are an amazing breed. Realizing that, do you ever feel lost in those roles?

Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have. As much as I love my family, I wonder sometimes who I am. As women we spend so much time pleasing others and caring for others we allow ourselves to be lost in the shuffle. What we don’t realize is, if we don’t find ourselves no one else will find us! We should have something that we can take pride in that is just ours. I was faced with that decision one day when I went in search of something I could accomplish that would give me personal fulfillment, income, friendships and accomplishment. I was so grateful when I found Women’s Dream Team. I am building a home based business for women that will last me a lifetime. This is a business I can pass on to my children. I have made friends with some of the most amazing women. You may ask what makes this team so different from the others. My answer would be respect.

Who am I? I am a successful business builder who loves my family enough to remember who I am.

Who are you?


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  1. Carol BNo Gravatar Says:

    I could not say it better myself. It is such a reward to work with these wonderful women all over the states and see their dreams
    come true. Don’t let anyone make your decision for you, come
    and see for yourself.

  2. Levia CNo Gravatar Says:

    I have struggled with this as well. Yes, I am mommy, wife, and other titles, but I am also myself. I still try to make time for things I enjoy – even if it’s only a few minutes during a day. I try to help my children understand that they must learn to take care of themselves first, before trying to take care of anyone else. If you cannot take care of yourself then the care you give to others will be lacking as well. We are all wonderful, and we are an example to someone somewhere. The ones who follow my example are my two sweet children, so by teaching them the responsibility of taking care of themselves I feel I’m also helping to protect them when they are grown. Being able to work from home and stay with my family allows my daughter to see that we can be traditional and professional at the same time. A role isn’t a round hole for our square peg to cut corners and squeeze into. Our roles are what we make them, and we as individuals make them having meaning to others.

  3. Carla SNo Gravatar Says:

    Today, 3/8/15 is International Women’s Day. How did you celebrate the wonderful Woman in you?

  4. Maura HNo Gravatar Says:

    You are so right about women filling many roles throughout their life. I think if I had to describe myself right now I would say that I am strong, caring, and motivated. At this time in my life I am finally starting to take care of myself. Many mothers don’t always do this because they are so busy taking care of other people in their lives. I did this as well. I still take care of my family but I no longer feel guilty for time that I need to exercise and have free time to do another activity that I love: crocheting! I am also very motivated to push forward once and for all and to be successful working from home as well. I am very fortunate to be a part of the Women Dream Team.

  5. Delecia G.No Gravatar Says:

    I am a phenominal woman, we all are. I take on a lot of responsibilty, not only do I run a new and exciting business. I run the household, while my husband works. I was injured on my job back in 2005, and was not able to return to work on the outside of the home. I bought a computer and taught myself everything about it. Even though I had these injuries It never stopped my motivation. I remained very active. I was never a television person, so I was always busy doing something, even as of today. I have always been a opportunity seeker online, and I have always worked from home on and off since 2005. I never lost that drive for wanted to make a living. I make sure my husband don’t want for anything. I have always been determined and dedicated to whatever project I have going. I am outgoing and it isn’t too much that I dont like to do..I love entertaining..I like versatility and I make friends everywhere I go. And its true I get tangled up in caring for my husband, he always remind to do for myself..I do so much for him. If he’s going to work everyday , he should not have to worry about anything. I feel as though I am a well rounded person, a leader and I enjoy setting an example.

  6. Marsha SNo Gravatar Says:

    Very well said! I often asked myself that question. I found the answer a long time ago when I realized my passion was to help others.. It’s been wonderful but I wanted something more, then I found Women’s Dream Team. I’ve never worked with such a selfless and dedicated team and what Women’s Dream Team stands for and does for people is amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t be happier!

  7. Brittany ANo Gravatar Says:

    I have always wanted to work from home. I had a desk job and it was going no where. There was no room to grow in the company. I always felt my place was at home! When I got the chance to stay home, I got lost in the mix of taking care of my family and not myself. I had moved to a new town so I didn’t have any friends. When I found Women’s Dream Team online, I felt it was my perfect moment to seize that opportunity! I had no idea I was going to make such great friends! That was a really big bonus! I love that there is room to move up in this company. I love being able to stay at home with my son and feel like I am contributing to our income as well. It is truly worth it!

  8. SarahNo Gravatar Says:

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  9. Keri JNo Gravatar Says:

    Perfectly said Linda!
    I absolutely love this!
    I have asked myself who am I for a long time. Struggling with health issues like Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis throughout my body & after a hip & knee replacement….I watched my dedicated, hard working husband go off to work each & every day. I have always taken care of my girls & husband being a stay at home mom for many years, and always loved being in this role, but after all I have gone through, & as I struggled back to getting better, but not 100%, I wanted to contribute to my family’s income, as my husband works incredibly hard to support us!
    I wanted to help too! I knew I couldn’t work outside of the home, with my health issues. Not knowing how I feel day to day made it extremely hard to commit to a job outside of the home.
    I was so incredibly happy when I came across The Women’s Dream Team!
    I will never forget it! Marsha Martone called me. She was so sweet to me! I watched the Business Overview Webcast, and knew this was right for me! Marsha & I had talked for a long while & she made me feel very comfortable with the decision of working from home with The Women’s Dream Team! I knew I would have the support from her, as well as our wonderful team!
    I am so incredibly grateful to Marsha & all of our team members who continue to support me in reaching my goals & I thank all of the members who hold training classes, business overviews…etc…
    These are women who take time out of their day to teach others! They truly care about each & every person on this team!
    I am SO PROUD to be a member of The Women’s Dream Team and look forward to many years of success with this wonderful organization! I take my position here very seriously.
    A special thank you to Marsha Martone Martone for always being there for me! You are such a special person to me & I am proud to call you my friend! Thank you everyone at The Women’s Dream Team for continuing to make my DREAMS come true! <3

  10. Sharon D.No Gravatar Says:

    I love this. What better legacy could you leave your children. I was there to mend a knee, to heal a heart, to laugh and play with, to pass along words of wisdom. I was there and now I am there for my grandkids. What a blessing it is to have a career from home. One in which gives you purpose and meaning while helping others to do the same. I am so blessed to have a career from home! How about you?

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